The third transnational meeting of the Diginet project was held in Athens from August 31st to September 1st at the end of the Blendend mobility foreseen by the project which saw the participation of 25 participants from the five project partner countries namely Malta, Spain, Bulgaria, England and Greece.

Mobility has foreseen a period of training on the creation of the digital identity of companies and organizations. The training stems from the objectives of the project itself.

All the partners have been working together to view and analyze:

- the results produced so far and the materials produced during the training;

- the impact produced by "E-entrepreneurship" Training Package (a collection of video lessons and video interviews to companies dealing with creating, monitoring and maintaining digital identity for e-business.)

- level of satisfaction of the participants.

Partners have also discussed in depth about the Final meeting and the final conference that will be held in Malta in the middle of February. Partners have contributed to the definition of the general structure and contents of the final conference and then set up detailed program for the transnational meeting.  The entire partnership decided to jointly invite the Maltese National Agency to the final meeting in order to give greater importance to the project itself and to involve local companies and organizations.

Therefore, responsibilities and tasks have been shared among all partners, in order to ensure an effective collaboration and the successful development of the project.

 The partners also had the chance to visit Athens and the acropolis, a fundamental symbol of the city.