At the conference apart from partners, also participated  Ms Paola Oliviero, legal representative, and Antoine Portelli, business consultant of ExAct Malta. Maltese entrepreneurs were also present at the conference as Massimiliano Rivello, a building contractor based in Malta and Giuliana Musmeci, an Italian entrepreneur based in Malta who runs restaurant and tourist activities (Giuliana Musmeci also represents the Eat-Ali restaurant, interviewed for a video lessons, part of the training package, and company analyzed during the training in Athens).

The conference  included

- Welcome of participants, adoption of the agenda
- Greetings and presentation
ExAct Malta presentation and brief introduction to DigiNET project presentation:
- Malta island introduction – Antoine Portelli
- Objectives and activities - Grazia Martucci
- Output “Training package”- Martino Santoro
- Management and budget issues - Antoine Portelli
- Question time
Coffe break
Partners presentation
- Esmovia presentation (Spain) – Maria Angeles Ruiz Gamez
- Contribution of the partner in relation to Sustainability of DigiNet project
- E-Compass presentation (Greece) - Despina Kanellopoulou
- Contribution of the partner in relation to website and social media pages of the project
- Zinev Art Technologies (Bulgaria) – Tanya Angelova
- Contribution of the partner in relation to Quality and Evaluation of DigiNet project
- Kairos Europe (Uk) – Daniele Trevisan
- Contribution of the partner in relation to project Dissemination
Closing of the conference